Brevet Capital (NY)


Brevet is an institutional investment manager dedicated to principal finance. Brevet invests in financial assets and originates private, middle market, senior-secured loans.

Brevet has built its business on the value of integrity and responsibility. Brevet always seeks to be a partner, whether it is working with an investor or a borrower-counterparty. We believe that attractive long term investment returns are created by hard work and a commitment to adding value in all aspects of the investment process. Brevet believes that its incremental returns are created through its actions and customized structures in the private market, which create value and result in returns that are naturally less correlated with the broad markets.

We believe in a process of value creation centered on three simple steps:

We create the opportunity
We customize the structure
We control the realization
This process provides for a solid investment framework, a strong relationship, as well as a custom solution for the counterparty. As a result, Brevet brings an intangible value to each transaction that aims to reduce risk and increase stability.

Brevet earns the trust of its investors through its integrity, its transparency and its results. Founded in 1998, the Firm manages investments for a client base of predominantly institutional investors. Since it began managing institutional money in 2005, Brevet has invested over $1.0 billion through the origination of loans or the purchase of financial assets across a wide variety of industries and businesses.