President Clinton Confirmed for the 2015 China-US Private Investment Summit March 30 to April 1, 2015 in Austin, TX.

AUSTIN, Texas – The 2015 China-US Private Investment Summit, a legacy program of the China-US Investment Week (2012 & 2013), brings together 50 Chinese Investor Delegates in Austin, TX with over 300 US sponsors, policymakers, entrepreneurs, trade associations, economic development groups and professional service firms March 30-April 1, 2015 for the most important bilateral engagement program of the year.

This year’s China-US Private Investment Summit theme will be “Two Countries. One Goal.” The US and China both strive toward one common outcome: Development. The US is considered the most developed nation, and China is considered the most developing nation. There are key areas of public interest, such as Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, and Lifestyle/Entertainment that may see significant progress through cooperative private investment.

The Summit is a two-day conference featuring a discussion of policy and investments. The first day , March 31, includes a Main Stage of high-level economic panels and a set of exclusive briefings exploring the China-US private investment outlook at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. The evening will include a Dinner and session with President Bill Clinton.

The Summit’s second day, April 1, will take place at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) Formula One track, featuring investment sessions led by invited project sponsors keen to promote entrepreneurial engagement with China.

“Chinese private investment into the US has reached a tipping point,” said Summit Executive Chair Jay Riskind. “Many entrepreneurs in China have made the connection that the China Dream is intrinsically connected to the American Dream. Finding mutually beneficial ways to connect advantages, capital, and the two largest markets in the world is an important historical endeavor. This event is about bringing people together to get beyond the issues and into the human motivations for development.”

Clinton will speak about the evolving China-US relationship within the context of globalization and the importance of entrepreneurship in supporting social development. The President’s remarks will relate experiences during his Presidency as well as continuing initiatives through the Clinton Foundation.

Clark Randt, former US Ambassador to China (2001-2008), will speak about the Strategic Economic Dialogue initiated under his term and the critical period of entrepreneurial growth observed during his eight years as America’s top envoy to China.

The 2015 Summit will feature 30 US Projects—10 each in 3 Investment Topics: 1) International Franchise & Licensing, 2) Immigration Investment (EB-5), and 3) Strategic Partnerships & Joint Ventures.





About the China-US Private Investment Summit

The 2015 China-US Private Investment Summit, a legacy program of the China-US Investment Week (2012 & 2013), brings together 50 Chinese Investor Delegates with over 300 US project sponsors, policymakers, entrepreneurs, trade associations, economic development groups, and professional service firms. The Summit’s focus on supporting the public interest through cross-cultural private investment deepens understanding on the human motivations, market trends, deal models and structures, and key areas for growth in the coming year. The 2012 program at Dallas Cowboys Stadium was a groundbreaking event that opened up local Chinese investor clubs to over 100 US projects with coverage in The Wall Street Journal, CCTV (China), Fox & Friends, and over 25 other local, national, and international media outlets.  


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