International Franchise & Licensing

Investment Topic

The demand from Chinese investors to bring new brand, product, technology, and management advantages from the US to China has fueled new growth prospects for American companies. China currently has 4 Tier I cities with over 15 million people, 40 Tier II cities with over 5 million people, and 300 Tier III cities with over 2 million people. Chinese entrepreneurs are actively seeking scalable opportunities to bring back to their entrepreneur networks across local markets.


Quick service restaurants, hotel brands, elderly care operators, consumer brands, gaming developers, medical device innovators, and a range of US industry stakeholders are expected to participate to identify opportunities to access the China market.


The investment structure is also attractive to US projects and franchisors who see China as an incremental revenue opportunity, rather than a core market. Many medium-sized American companies must focus on national expansion within the US, rather than global expansion into vastly different markets.


Trade associations in the US and their members will have direct engagement on Day 2 of the Summit with Chinese entrepreneurs seeking master licenses into the China market.


The International Franchise Association (IFA) and IFA President (former Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology) Robert Cresanti are confirmed as Summit Co-Hosts and will take leadership of this Investment Topic. They will also market participation in the program to the broader IFA membership.