Strategic Investment & Joint Venture Partnerships

Investment Topic

Many Chinese investors are entrepreneurs or business owners looking primarily for opportunities to further extend their local advantages in China. Investing in complimentary assets abroad has provided a new way to establish market leadership at home. Opportunities for joint venture partnerships or vertical integration in key industry sectors, such as agriculture, consumer products, energy, healthcare, lifestyle, entertainment, and education will be directly introduced during Day 2 of the Summit.


Leading trade associations from the US and China will present case studies and models for combining capital with market advantages between the US and China. Project Delegates will also meet with Chinese Investor Delegates to explore joint venture partnership opportunities and projects for collaboration.


The International China Aging Industry Association (ICAIA), focused on the fast growing elderly care market in China, will serve as a Co-Host on the topic. They are expected to bring 20-25 entrepreneur members as Investor Delegates from China. Additional industry associations from the US and China are also expected to serve as Co-Hosts.