Two Countries. One Goal.

The Theme for the 2015 China-US Private Investment Summit is “Two Countries. One Goal.” The US and China both strive toward one common outcome: Development. The US is considered the most developed nation and China is considered the most developing nation. There are key areas of public interest, such as Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, and Lifestyle that may see significant progress through cooperative private investment.


While geopolitical factors sometimes cloud the common goal of development, private investment provides a platform for cultural collaboration and meaningful engagement. Ideas compete for financing and ultimately society benefits. On Day 1 of the Summit, national leaders, esteemed entrepreneurs, and US-China experts will share thoughts and insights on the opportunities to leverage private investment toward common national goals and interests.


On Day 2 of the Summit, the “Two Countries. One Goal.” theme will also provide context and focus to the cross-cultural investment engagement between US Project Delegates and Chinese Investor Delegates. US trade associations and their membership will have the opportunity to meet directly with interested Chinese Investor Delegates across three main investment topics.