Paul Lam

President, US-China Global Investment & Trade Association (USCGITA)

Mr. Paul Lam is currently a member of the Entertainment & Tourism Agency Committee of the California State Government’s Commission of Economic Development.

Prior to Mr. Lam’s current positions with the State of California, he also served on California’s Export Finance Committee that oversaw the export finance program funded by the State of California.

Born in Hong Kong, Mr. Lam attended high school in California.  Mr. Lam is a graduate of the University of California and also attended post graduate programs at Stanford, UC Berkeley and Darden Business School.

After graduating from university, Mr. Lam started his own businesses.  Mr. Lam’s businesses cover many strategic sectors, including but not limited to Investment Banking, Bio-Tech, Media, Agricultural Technology & Animal Vaccines, Food Safety Diagnostic Testing, Travel, and Chinese Lotto.

His corporate responsibilities include serving as Chairman of Asia Capital Group Inc, Worldwide Agrotech Inc, and Sino Future Technology Inc.Sentetch Inc, Everswift Media Group, Allmight Holdings, and Peregrine Travel Group.   Mr. Lam’s joint venture partners include the Chinese Government and some of the largest corporations in China as well as many global companies.

He has been featured in numerous American and Chinese media outlets.