Geoff Connor

Co-Founder of Texas Global, LLP

Geoff Connor co-founded Texas Global, LLP ( in 2005 with former U.S. Ambassador Sada Cumber. The firm established to advise and counsel both foreign companies seeking to do business in Texas, or the U.S., and domestic companies seeking to do business overseas. Connor’s legal and business experience, and his time as Texas Secretary of State, has given him an impressive rolodex of influential contacts around the world. Whether you need help in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe or elsewhere, Connor can quickly connect you with the right company or individual to meet your needs. And for foreign companies seeking to enter the Texas or U.S. market, Connor can help you with many needs including legal, site location, permitting, marketing, business strategy, tax issues, negotiation of incentives and abatements, partnering, brand development and many other important areas. Connor also utilizes his years of government service and large network of friends and contacts to assist clients who seek to influence and inform government actions and decisions. He has helped many people in difficult, complex and sometimes tense situations in government policy and enforcement actions, as well as legislative and rulemaking proceedings.