Steven Hendryx

President Headland Consulting

Steven Hendryx is President, Headland Consulting since January 2011. He helps US companies compete in the China market leveraging thirty years’ experience helping multinational companies compete in China, as an executive, consultant, and diplomat.  He specializes in China investment and management, joint venture strategy, Sourcing management, Market analysis and marketing positioning and strategy, Private Equity investing, due diligence, project appraisal and Pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, consumer goods, food and beverages, heavy industry.

He has twenty years working in China, establishing and managing joint ventures and consulting with US and European companies seeking to enter the China market. Includes five years service in US Embassy, head of Commercial Section.

Career Highlights:

– B.Sc., MIT/Harvard University; MBA Stanford

– Boston Consulting Group/Bain & Company, US-oriented strategy consulting.

– Otis Elevator, established pioneering joint venture in Tianjin, 1983-85

– Managing Director, Hong Kong Office, MAC Group Management Consulting

– Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs, US Embassy, Beijing, China

– Vice President, Strategic Planning, Nortel Networks (Asia)

– AT Kearney Management Consulting, Beijing

– President, Headland Consulting (Haier Group, Mengniu Dairy Group, private equity)

– General Manager, China, K2 Energy Solutions

– President, Headland Consulting